About the Ship

MV FlatHolm 


MV FlatHolm is a 24m survey & research vessel classified by the UK Maritime Coastguard Authority to work up to 60nm offshore, providing accommodation for 12 persons including a crew of 4-6.

The vessel has a permanent crew, including a cook as well as a full suite of survey equipment, winches, crane and A frame on board.


The 50 square metre aft deck allows a comfortable and safe working environment with the ability to deploy large equipment including vibrocores, CPT's and ROVs, etc. The vessel is available for crewed charter as is or supplied with qualified surveyors, operators and equipment.


MV FlatHolm is fully COWRIE & JNCC compliant and UK MCGA Category II classified and is one of the few vessels available in her class that fully complies with these specifications. Her full time crew is fully trained to STCW95 qualifications. She has MLC2006 certification.


Suitable Uses include:


  • Geotechnical surveys  - CPT, vibrocore, grab

  • Geophysical surveys  - pinger, boomer, sparker, magnotometer

  • Multibeam - swath surveys

  • Metocean equipment deployment

  • Environmental surveys - trawling, benthic smapling, video

  • ROV inspection- depth of burial, scour, damage

  • Towed body deployment

  • Hydrographic survey support

  • AUV deployment & support



Continual planned upgrades of machinery, communications and accommodations reflect our commitment to offer MV FlatHolm as a class beating coastal survey ship.

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Vessel Charter - MV FlatHolm

Vessel Charter - MV FlatHolm allows ample aft deck space for a safe platform to deploy a variety of geotechnical and geophysical survey equipment. Suitable Uses Geotechnical surveys -CPT, vibrocore, grab Geophysical surveys -pinger, boomer Multibeam -swath surveys Metocean equipment deployment, Environmental surveys -trawling, benthic ROV inspection, towed body deployment Hydrographic survey support